Alan Tierney
Professional Stained Glass Artist

Stained Glass Windows to your design
Your Stained Glass is Hand Made in Sussex
Glass Dreams for Traditional Stained Glass Windows and individually designed and crafted items that can enhance your home
Services we provide
We can make a window to your design or our design

All external windows will be water and weather proofed.  Reinforcing bars my be required and will be discussed at the time.

Should you wish to have your panel built into a double glazed window unit this can be arranged.

Windows can only be priced once they have been designed, drawn up and the glass chosen.  This will be done at no cost to you and with no obligation on you to proceed.  If you do proceed a deposit of 1/3rd of the cost will be required.

Prices obviously vary but if you have something you would like making in stained glass call us and we will be pleased to discuss it.

What we need to know initially:
Approximate size of the window
Is it, internal or external
What direction does it face, north, south, east or west
Do you have a pattern or picture that you wish to replicate
What style would you like, i.e. Victorian, Modern, Art Deco, Floral or Animals or something completely different.

I would then arrange to visit you to discuss the project.  If you are not sure of the design or picture I can bring  a large selection of existing designs which could give you ideas as to what you want.

Windows quoting procedure:
Agreement on design
Agreement on glass type and colour
Confirmation of dimensions.  I will always measure the dimensions myself unless completely impossible in which case you will be required to sign a confirmation that you will accept a window of those dimensions
Signed acceptance of the quotation together with a deposit of 1/3rd of quoted price.
We reserve the right to ask for a carpenter or other tradesman to install the window in itís frame.  It depends on how complicated the job is and will be decided at the time.  A charge may be made for installing the window.

The procedure is the same for internal windows except that it is not necessary to make them water and weather proof.