This is our Sweden
Page 1  Deer in the garden -  loaded 10-11-16
Page 2  The Garden -  loaded 10-11-16
Page 3 The House -  loaded 10-11-16
Page 4  Where I Walk -  loaded 10-11-16
Page 5  Pictures of Kivik  -  loaded 10-11-16
Yes, I know the index is upside down but now I can just add a new page to the top and it will all move down so that, in the  future, you won't have to go hunting down at the bottom in excited anticipation to see if I have added some new images.

I have made a couple of videos but I can't work out how to run them on this web site yet.  Have patience.  I promise to try to improve my ability to take better pictures in the  future.
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Page 6 Eden 
Page 7 More Kivik  -  loaded 27-12-16
Page 8  Winter is here 
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updated 08-02-17
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